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SexAtCams is the largest online webcam network connecting men and women from all over the world through high-speed live video chat. Here is what makes us different:

  1. Our commitment to our models. We collaborate with our models as partners, and models earn a larger percentage than with any other site.
  2. Our commitment to our members. We do our best to make sure that all of our members are completely satisfied. From small technical support issues to developing new features on our site, we are here to listen to our members and make them happy.
  3. Our commitment to technology. We are computer geeks. We have built a website that is BY FAR the most technologically advanced webcam site on the Internet, with hundreds of original and innovative features that allow a much more personal interactive experience.
  4. Our commitment to FREE. This site offers more free features to our guests and members than any other webcam site on the Internet. Spending money on credits is always optional.

Account Types


When you first arrive at SexAtCams, you are automatically logged in as a Guest and given a random nickname like "Guest12345".

Most models do not allow Guests to chat in their room, and most of the best features of the website are available only to registered members.

You should first explore the website as a Guest, but to get the most from it you should make a free member account.

Premium Membership

When you purchase credits the first time, you will automatically become a Premium Member for life. There are NO additional fees or future charges.

Premium Members get full unlimited access to ALL of the features of [SexAtCams] forever, even if they never purchase credits again.

We promise that this will be the best $19.99 you will ever spend. If you disagree, [Contact Support] and we will refund you!

Prices and Credits

The only thing that costs money is Credits".

Credits are spent on private shows and tips. You keep your premium membership forever even if you run out of credits.

Click Purchase Credits to see the different packages available. There is a slight discount for purchasing more credits at once.

Larger credits packages will be automatically made available on your account after being a premium member for a few months.

Your credit card will be billed discreetly, please see our Billing Help page for more details.

Money goes to the Models

After expenses, nearly all of the money spent on this website goes to the models.

Our competitors pay models as little as 20% of their revenue, and then spend their money on expensive advertising campaigns.

We keep our expenses as low as possible and rely on our members and models to spread the word about this site.

Spending credits

Private Shows

A member with credits may click Go Private in a model's chat room or private message window to invite a model into a Private Show, and the model may accept or decline this invitation. If the model accepts, the private show will start, and the member and model will be taken from the public chat room to a new private chat room.

Private shows cost 19 credits per minute. That means that if you want to stay in private for 5 minutes, then you will need 145 credits. A private show automatically ends when you run out of credits. Both the member and model may also end the show at any time.

What happens in a private show is between the member and the model. Unlike other sites, we do not require models to do specific things or follow a script. Prior to starting a private show, members should ask the model what she is comfortable with.


Sending a Tip is just a way for users to quickly transfer any amount of credits to a model.

Some members like to give tips after a private show, while othersprefer to give tips to a model while she is public chat for simple personal requests or just to be nice.

Please remember that tips do not change the rules for what models are allowed to do on the site, particularly in Public Chat.

Tips are gifts so please do not send tips and then demand something in return, that's not fair to the models.

Just as in real life, tips cannot be reviewed or refunded.

Reward Points

Premium Member Features

Once a member purchases Credits for the first time, he automatically becomes a Premium Member for life. Here are just a few of the features that Premium Members may access any time for free.

Chat Room

Many models do not allow Guests or Basic Members to chat in their rooms. Premium Members are able to chat in any chat room. Premium Members also appear at the top of every chat room member list.

Private Messages With Video

Premium Members can send Private Messages or PM's to models or other members at any time.

You can also view the webcam right in the Private Message window by clicking View Webcam at the top. Re-size the window to change size of the video. And you can have multiple open PMs, watching different webcam feeds in each one.

SexAtCams Mail

SexAtCams Mail is an internal mail system located in your personal menu which you can use to send longer messages to models and to other members. Your SexAtCams Mail account will save all of your sent and received messages, and you are even notified when the models open and read your messages.

Chat Images

You can insert images into chat by clicking on the image icon next to the smiley face icon, all the way on the right side of the text input box of any chat room.

Simply click on that icon and enter the URL of any image. You can also just enter the URL of the image right into the chat. For example, if you wanted to insert the Google logo, you would enter the URL

You must enter the FULL address or URL, always beginning to "http://" and always ending with a proper image extension such as .GIF or .JPG or several others.

Warning: Please DO NOT post any inappropriate, pornographic, violent, offensive, or disruptive images. Please do not post pictures over and over, do not post pictures that are irrelevant, or that just disrupt the flow of the chat or annoy the members of the chat. We have added this feature so everyone can have more fun and express themselves. Please do not make us suspend your account due to abuse.

Sharing your own webcam

You can turn on your own webcam at any time and show it to models or other members, absolutely free. Just click the Start My Webcam link in your Personal Menu, and remember to edit your preferences in your "Personal Options" to set who is allowed to view your webcam.

Privacy Note: We are committed to protecting the privacy of our valued members. When your webcam is active, only the people that you have allowed access are able to watch you. Even the administrators of this website do NOT have access to your webcam and you are not being recorded.

If you have any problems, please read our Technical Help page on Member Webcams which contains a step by step explanation for starting and troubleshooting.

News Feed

The News Feed is a brand new feature that we are testing out. It is pretty simple for now, and we plan to add more options to it later.

It allows any premium member or model to write a short post. Then any other premium member or model that is "listening" to them would see that post displayed on their own news feed.

General features


All models and members can build custom Profiles containing their pictures, information, links, etc. Profile pages have their own ratings, friends, and admirers, and they are generally a lot of fun to browse.

The profile page of a member or model is always located at a URL like this one:

You can view or edit your own profile at any time by clicking the link in the top-right of your screen in your Personal Menu.

Note: Please do not post any pornographic or inappropriate material on your own profile or on the profiles of other models or members. Please do not post spam or annoying content on your profile or the profiles of others. Please do not post the same thing on multiple profiles (this is considered spam). Doing any of these things will get you banned.

Bring a Friend

Please see our Bring a Friend page.

Model List

The Model List is the listing of models on the homepage or at the bottom of any chat room. Only online models appear on this list.

At the top of the model list, there are certain features that may help you narrow down who you may be looking for.

  • The Model List link brings up a text view of all models online.
  • The text box searches all online models by username.
  • The Filter/Sort link is used to change the display settings of the model list.
  • The Pause Updates link pauses the automatic refreshing of the list.


By default, the Model List is ordered by CamScore. Members can change this order in their Model List Settings.

CamScore is calculated based on the performance of each model on the site over some period of time.

Models may improve their CamScore by earning more credits.

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